Security Lighting

Your home should be a place where you feel safe, secure, and comfortable. Good quality external security lighting not only adds a bit of evening ambiance to a property’s exterior - it is also an important safety & security measure.

External security lighting helps deter unwanted intruders simply because the lights make it difficult for them to hide. Intruders don’t want anyone walking or driving by to see them, and they especially don’t want anyone seeing them from inside the property. Potential Intruders are more likely to bypass a well-lit home in favour of a property with no lighting and places where they can obscure themselves from sight.

When used in conjunction with other security products such as CCTV a property can become even more unappealing to intruders as the chance of been detected and observed is greatly enhanced with the availability of colour night-time images created by an illuminated camera field of view.

At TAP Security Systems we understand that to be effective security lighting needs to be installed considering several factors such as location and ease of access whilst ensuring the throw of light is not disruptive to neighbouring properties and homes. With our years of expertise installing these types of systems we will guide you through the process and recommend products only suitable to your objectives and budget whilst maintaining an aesthetically pleasing and effective solution.

As standard we always complete a free survey of your property to ensure you get the very best solution and most importantly the best price. Below are just a few Security lighting options we have available.



Standalone Motion Activated Security Light

Motion activated security lights become active when the integral PIR (passive infrared) sensor detects movement meaning the light is only used when needed saving on energy and bulb life.

These lights come in many different shapes and sizes with most now using LED’s rather than the older Halogen bulbs which generate high amounts of heat and can be costly to run.

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Security Lighting Systems

If you are looking for more than just one security light with more control, then the next generation of lighting control range may be more suitable. Features include zone timers, user recordable messages, smart phone control, user mimic and much more.

Our advanced, feature rich lighting systems provides intelligent security lighting control which enhances security, saves energy and minimises light pollution whilst providing the end user with a single button operation for each parameter.

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